A Raisin In The Sun Play: An Important Cornerstone In American History

A Raisin in the Sun is probably the best plays to work with when teaching high school drama or ELA classes. It covers a gamut of topics with compelling dialog and beautifully described characters. By using this play, and its particular film adaptations, you’ll be able to teach students regarding the Great Migration, Pan-Africanism, the on-going problem of housing discrimination in the United States, Lorraine Hansberry, and also the poetry of Langston Hughes. By studying this play, students can learn concerning the fundamentals of drama and explore theme, plot, characterization, symbol, motif, and irony.

A Raisin inside Sun revolves around an African-American family, the Youngers, who live in Chicago in the 1950s. The racism endured by the Youngers and their dreams, challenges, and courage, supply a investigate the dynamic that gathered force in numerous black families after World War ll. The persistent efforts of African-Americans just like the Youngers to better their situation and persistent demands for change gave impetus to the U.S. Civil Rights Movement. Their work deserves to be celebrated. Additionally, here is the first successful Broadway play written by an African-American woman.

For students to obtain the full enjoy the movie versions, the play should first be read and studied. Reading the play in college allows the teacher to create comments because action progresses. Fortunately, the play contains detailed stage directions in addition to extensive descriptions from the characters and also the settings. It reads being a short novel that’s heavy on dialog.

One approach is made for students to learn the play together at school, having students complete assignments with regards to the play before a film version is viewed. Reading the play first will permit students to generate their very own mental images from the characters and also the action. If students watch the movie before they see the play, the film will set their internal pictures. It’s a good idea to give students a visual sense of the play’s staging by sketching a plan in the set for the board.

As students are reading the play, provide historical context through lectures, and ensure students understand concepts like housing discrimination, Pan-Africanism, and also the Great Migration. Provide examples of Langston Hughes’ poetry to students and give a brief biography of Lorraine Hansberry. Refresh your students’ memories by revisiting the fundamentals of drama and defining theme, plot, characterization, symbol, motif, and irony.

Once students have read the play, and understood the concepts inside it, screen one with the movie adaptations. Have students finish a movie worksheet since they watch. Students should look at prompts for the sheet before seeing the film and then make notes during several short less than six minute breaks within the movie.

After the film is finished, ask the course to go over the prompts and talk about how reading the play when compared with watching the film. Which was more accessible? What are the important differences between the play as well as the film? Some students will relate better on the written work, others the movie. Ask them why. Have students write an essay in what “the American Dream” way to them, and what they dream about for their very own futures.

A Raisin in a very Sun is a great tool for teaching lots of topics and Lorraine Hansberry’s skillful writing provides ample kindling for a lively classroom unit.

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