The Options For Better Internet And Cyber Security

Cyber SecurityThe 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report published with the Verizon RISK Team disclosed that there were 855 data breach incidents and 174 million compromised records that happened in 2011.

In comparison to the 2011 investigative report, there is a growth of 94 data breach incidents plus an overwhelming 170 million compromised records. These alarming statistics show that well-executed cyber attacks causing a successful data breach almost doubled previously year.

Today, the threat of cyber attacks will continue to monopolize news headlines around the world as cyber criminals increasingly use the web to implement a mass generation of malware exploits. Cyber attacks have finally evolved into a frequent and costly incident having an increasing variety of businesses becoming a victim that is at least one data breach during the past year. According to the Ponemon Institute, “the likelihood of a corporation being hacked in a very 12-month period is often a statistical certainty and businesses of the type and sizes are prone to attacks.”

In the early days from the Internet, users looking to reach another host for the network were required to input lengthy IP number strings (e.g., a listed IP address for Google). As the internet grew number strings became more cumbersome and unworkable as most users couldn’t consistently can remember the proper sequencing of random numbers.

The United States Cyber Command was officially activated 21 May 2010 at Fort Meade, Maryland and is slated to arrive at fully operational readiness really and DISA will physically relocate to Fort Meade beneath the provisions from the Base Reduction and Closing Commission (BRAC). Fort Meade Maryland will be the home in the National Security Agency (NSA).

Do remember to change off your online connection once you’ve downloaded an antivirus or antispyware. This will help in preventing entry of further Trojans preventing the current Trojan to transmit information of one’s computer to another remote set-up. This information may also include your personal financial and bank information if you have them stored already inside your PC or laptop.

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